Research in Austria: outreach

Outreach in German: A short overview of some of my summer’s research activities and future research plans has just been published via one of Austria’s daily newspapers’ website ( Thanks  to @mi_binder and @derStandardat for organizing the Archäologieblog. Thanks to the generous Incoming Fellowship at OeAW @oeai_oeaw #MSCA

Back to CPH

Back to Copenhagen and working on provenancing archaeological timber (also on facebook)… but first, transporting lab equipment and a box of NIST apple leaf standard material across town from my office to the labs at IGN 🙂

Visiting Austria

Thanks to the generous Incoming Fellowship at OeAW, I spent June, July and a bit of August in sunny Austria, enjoyed the summer evening thunder storms, lots of good wine and most of all, the company of the researchers and staff at OeAI, affiliated researchers that I met when visiting archaeological sites and collections, and…

Useful links

Sorting through some old folders, I came across a link to the dynamic periodic table… glad it resurfaced! Also, a database of ionic radii.


SigmaPlot out. Finally returning to R. This will be exciting.

March 8

Happy International Woman’s Day! How to #PressforProgress? #requestawomanscientist!


Thanks to Cecilie Brøns for organizing this special edition of Sfinx (in Danish) on ancient polychromy research at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.