Egyptian blue pellets

After sampling at Magdalensberg, I collected a piece of Egyptian blue pellet found during excavations at Retznei. Thanks to Mag. Dr. Bernhard Schrettle.

Fieldwork Magdalensberg

Mid-October visit to the collection of wall painting fragments of Landesmuseum Kärnten in Klagenfurt: analyzing & sampling wall painting fragments from Virunum and Magdalensberg, including samples from an Egyptian blue pellet. Thanks to Univ.-Doz. Dr. Heimo Dolenz, Mag. Dr. Desiree Ebner-Baur, and their team.

Collecting sand

Thanks to the sand collection of the Federal Monuments Authority Austria, particularly to Farkas Pintér and Karl Stingl, for samples of calcium-rich sands from #Noricum

Fieldwork @Teurnia

Late September to early October analyzing & sampling at the wall paintings collection of Teurnia #Noricum in Oberkärnten. Beautiful fragments & lots of work – thanks to Prof. F. Glaser for his great support!