Dr. Alexandra S. Rodler


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Research interests

Bio- and isotope geochemistry
Early Earth environments

Research Experience

Radiogenic isotope systems (Sr, Pb),
Traditional (C, O) and non-traditional stable isotope systems (Cr, Cu),
Trace and rare earth elements,
A/biogenic minerals, redox, sorption

Current research project

Sep 2020
Colorful Indications of (Ex)Change: Provenance and production technology of ancient pigments & cultural and technological exchange and transformation in the Roman periphal province of Noricum.

Wall painting fragment with Egyptian blue (Teurnia, 2020)

See also Norikum: Farben (DE) or Noricum: Colours (EN) at OeAI/OeAW

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 845075, and is based at the Austrian Archaeological Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences with research visits at the Department for Lithospheric Research, University of Vienna.

News & Upcoming


Upcoming contribution to Kinderuni 2022

New paper/preprint

Rodler A.S. and Kostomitsopoulou Marketou A., Supplying the Mediterranean World with Egyptian blue: An Archaeometric Perspective. doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.5827683


New project funding thanks to the Dr. Emil Suess-Erbschaft and Hlauschek-Legat:
Earth pigments from the late Hellenistic pigment production site of Kos (EpiKos)
2022-2023, planned fieldwork Sep 2022

Upcoming conference sessions

Goldschmidt 2022 (hybrid) July 10-15
9a – Chemical sediments as deep time archives for the co-evolution of the atmosphere, continents, and oceans

EAA 2022 28th EAA Annual Meeting 31 Aug – 3 Sep
All on Walls. Current Issues on Historical Wall Painting Science, Conservation, and Restoration

Upcoming Conference contributions

Invited keynote at the upcoming BLUENET2022 conference: Rodler, A.S., 2022. The provenance of Egyptian Blue: recent advances and future directions. Rome, IT, 4-5 Oct